Line Skywalker Karlström, Queen Deers, 2004, photo: Eva Egermann
Line Skywalker Karlström
Queen Deers

Line Skywalker Karlsröm (*1971, Sweden, Denmark) is a Swedish performance artist who works with a diverse range of materials dealing with the role of art in life, lesbian and gay identity and the perception of space. Her performances take place in the public realm and also in gallery installations. In 2002-2007, Karlström was a member of the feminist performance group High Heels Sisters. She is also a founding member of the group of Swedish artist activists, YES! Association (2005).

It was easy for Joseph Beuys to lecture to a rabbit about art: It was lying dead in his arms. Line Skywalker Karlström has a more difficult task. Wearing a ridiculous moose costume, she tries to lure animals in the open fields to come hear all about “the great women artists” such as Yoko Ono and Meret Oppenheim. Will she find listeners? This is the artist’s search for her own kind, because Karlström felt like a moose, like an outsider, when she prepared this piece.

Courtesy Line Skywalker Karlström

Document media
Video, colour, sound, 4:03 min

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Yoko Ono (ONO 1&2)

his/herstory, human/non-human animals, laughter/humorous

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