Andrea Saemann, “Angel M” – eine Performance dank Ulrike Rosenbach, 2009
Live Performance at re.act.feminism - Performancekunst der 1960er und 70er Jahre heute, Berlin, photo: Jan Stradtmann
Andrea Saemann
Angel M – eine Performance dank Ulrike Rosenbach

Andrea Saemann (*1962, Switzerland) studied architecture in Zurich and art in Hamburg under Marina Abramović. She currently lives in Basel, where she is an artist and independent curator. She has coordinated, among other things, Kaskadenkondensator, a space for contemporary art, performance and music. Since 2007, she and Katrin Grögel have put together Performance Saga, a video interview project and performance art festival. Between 2011-2017 she coordinated the Swiss Performance Art Awards. Since 2014, she has been the curator of the annual festival International Performance Art in Giswil. Her works often take the form of re-performances dealing with the pioneers of feminist performance art. These performances typically begin as dry lectures, which spark the audience’s interest while inspiring more and more laughter.

“Angel M is a performance that revolves around angels. What do angels and feminism have in common? Both have wings. Angels wear them either on their shoulders or on their foreheads, like horns. Or they wear them on their shoes and use them to deliver messages, whizzing blindly back and forth on data streams. And what do performers have in common with angels? They play with all of this – with the media that is in-between.” With these words, Saemann sketches her performative analysis of the work of the German performance artist, Ulrike Rosenbach, which she presented in 2009 as part of the performance programme of re.act.feminism in Berlin. This video is an edited version.

Performance: 25 January 2009, re.act.feminism, Akademie der Künste, Berlin

Courtesy Andrea Saemann

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Video, colour, sound, 17:33 min

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Ulrike Rosenbach
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