Malin Arnell, No Title. Too Many Questions #3, 2008
Malin Arnell
No Title. Too Many Questions #2 & #3

Malin Arnell (*1970, Sweden), who was born in Uppsala, defines herself as an interdisciplinary artist. She studied fashion, visual arts and gender studies and is currently pursuing a PhD in choreography. Her artistic practice reflects her attention to connections in content, which go beyond the solitary work of the artist, often taking the form of collective activities. Among other projects, Arnell formed the performance group High Heels Sisters (2002-2007) with Line Karlström, Karianne Stensland and Anna Linder as wells as the Solanas’ Sisters (2004-2005) together with the author Sara Stridsberg. She was also a founding member of YES! Association / Föreningen JA! (2005-2018), alongside Karlström, Linder, Fia-Stina Sandlund, Johanna Gustavsson and Åsa Elzén, with whom she is still collaborating. Through her artistic method, which is based on both collaborative and independent work, the artist explores feminist and gender-critical issues.

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Malin Arnell’s performances No Title. Too Many Questions explore how specific forms of social behaviour are dependent on the different locations of the performance. The performance pieces, which last between two and four hours and take place all over the city, aim to overcome normative rules of social interaction. The actions, which took place in Stockholm in 2006, were not announced on-site, but the participants had been pre-selected. In contrast, in 2008 in Uppsala those inhabitants who were ‘involved’ were taken by surprise and thus became involuntary participants who were unaware of the action’s artistic character.

Courtesy Malin Arnell and Linda Arnell

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2006, 2008

High Heels Sisters (HIG 1)
Line Karlström (KAR 1)

normativity, durational performance, participation