Katrina Daschner,Vincent, 2002
Katrina Daschner

Katrina Daschner (*1973, Germany), a German artist living in Vienna, primarily sees her newer video installations Hafenperlen, Aria de Mustang and Flaming Flamingoes (2008-2011) in the context of “neo-burlesque”, although the related theme of “self-determina- tion through looks and actions” can already be found in her earlier works. Her works are characterised by the idea of performance as a kind of sexualised play in the exhibition space. Daschner found a like-minded artist in Renate Bertlmann, with whom she exhibits together. She ran the performance space Salon Lady Chutney together with Johanna Kirsch and Stefanie Seibold in 2001- 2002. From 2009-2014, she hosted Club Burlesque Brutal at the brut Theater Vienna as Frau Professor La Rose, and she was a member of the performance band SV Damenkraft. From 2005 to 2010 Katrina Daschner taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. She has been awarded numerous prizes and scholarships.

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Escape to the countryside, madness, self-mutilation and posthumous mega- success – hardly any other artist of the twentieth century is surrounded by such a mystical aura of genius as Vincent van Gogh. In the series of photographs Vincent by Katrina Daschner this is playfully undermined, however. We see a partially undressed woman in a forest with a van Gogh mask, equipped with a tall vaudevillian walking stick and a large plastic bag from a drug store. Is she peeing on the path? Has she been touching herself? Or has she lost her walking stick? What really happened in the forest, the photographs do not tell.

Courtesy Galerie Krobath and Katrina Daschner

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Renate Bertlmann (BER 1)

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