Trine Mee Sook Gleerup, The Fool + The Magician: The Beginning Of A Performative Journey In Tarot And Life, 2012
Trine Mee Sook Gleerup
The Fool + The Magician: The Beginning Of A Performative Journey In Tarot And Life

Trine Mee Sook Gleerup (*1978, South Korea) is a visual artist working within installation, text and performance. Deeply invested in historical, national and political tendencies her artistic performance-based methodology also questions the politics and history of performance art itself. From a post-colonial and gender-related perspective her work is debating cultural and racial stereo-typing and representation, as well as it strives to (re)negotiate overall power structures, and identity building. Trine Mee Sook Gleerup is a former member of the closed-down artist network & residency, The Berlin Office, and co-founder of Scandinavian artist group, UFOlab (Unidenti- fied Foreign Object laboratory). She has exhibited and collaborated with artists, cultural workers, activists and researches from the US, Europe and South Korea.

The performance lecture The Fool + The Magician: the beginning of a performative journey in Tarot and Life is divided in two parts corresponding to the two antago- nist Tarot cards: the fool and the magician. Dressed like the allegorical figures the artist combines historical facts, divination, psychology and biographical material in relation to transnational adoption with a race- and gender related discourse.

Courtesy Trine Mee Sook Gleerup

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lecture performance, de/construct identities