Molly and me, TRAMP, 2011
Molly and me

Molly and me (since 2007) was the brainchild of Molly Haslund (Denmark, 1972) and Catherine Hoffmann (UK, 1972) created in Glasgow in 2007. Dialogues converged with musical compositions throughout the course of the performance. TRAMP was a musical performance that toured several locations in Denmark 2011-2012, concluding with a performance in Edinburgh in 2012. Mixing poetry, theatre, cabaret, and self-parody, Molly and me re-interpretsed political satire in a Dadaist and feminist way. MM

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In long white dresses made of sturdy fabric, Molly Haslund and Catherine Hoffmann appear as pioneers from the American Wild West armed with a ukulele and other musical instruments. They perform a show chock-full of music with feigned innocence and a friendly country-like style. Without losing their sense of humour and sprinkled with a Dadaist touch, they sing about absurd day- to-day situations and deal with an odd mixture of light-hearted and serious topics such as friendship, love, mass consumption, animals, and youth suicide. Underneath their dresses, the artists wear tight-fitting Lycra coveralls with black and white stripes that are reminiscent of a prisoner’s uniform from years ago. The costume change plays an equally important part in the performance. It is used to question feminine stereotypes in an ironic and casual way on the one hand and, on the other, to depict a fluid transition from one role to the next. The artists’ performance takes place on a mini-stage installation entitled “Home”, created by Lisbeth Hermansen. Yet, it ironically produces an impersonal effect of being a corridor between offices. Molly and me sing, talk, dance, hop around, playing all sorts of instruments lying around the stage, questioning gender stereotypes casually and playfully. Video: Jörn Burmester

Courtesy Molly Haslund and Catherine Hoffmann

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