Tanja Ostojić, Introduction to the Integration Project Archive,
A 30 min lecture-performance
Tanja Ostojić
Introduction to the Integration Project Archive

Tanja Ostojić is an interdisciplinary artist from Belgrade who lives and works in Berlin. In her provocative performances, she investigates the position of women in contemporary cultural and political power regimes. She uses persiflage, provocation and irony as strategies of exposing and subverting the exclusionary mechanisms of European immigration policies and hierarchies within the Western art world. She employs her own body as artistic material, transforming herself into a social (artificial) persona with unique, socially embedded experiences. In her interactive works, she engages in direct dialog with her audience. In a series from 2000, she followed female immigrants as they enter the EU by different means – crossing borders illegally, waiting for visas or hunting for husbands with EU passports. In the years 2001-2003, Ostojić worked on the series "Strategies of Success / Curator Series", which consists of performances, installations, photographs and a journal, which shed light on the power games played by curators and artists. Her long-term project "Misplaced Women?" has been running since 2009. Her research project "Lexicon of Tanja Ostojić" (2011-2017) has been widely exhibited.

artist's website: tanjaostojicshop.wordpress.com

Integration Project Archive is an installation presenting the results of many years of research. It includes video and audio material as well as books, essays and documents of a temporary performance, a temporary language school, a talk show and several discussions on immigration and asylum laws. The resources in this continually growing archive are available to the public and can be copied for private use.

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A 30 min lecture-performance

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To be seen in
Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, 7 October 2011, 8 pm