Les filles Föllen, Arts Sucks, 2013
Les filles Föllen
Arts Sucks & Preparazione

Les filles Föllen is an artist duo founded by Margherita Bergamo and Tuixen Benet in 2008. The artists met at the school of dance of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. The two dancers, choreographers and performers have done many dance pieces, films, music videos and multi-media installations. Their diversified approach incorporates elements from rhythmic gymnastics and skating. At the Scena Simulacro Festival in Madrid, they received the audience award for their dance theatre piece Entrance with Charge: Two Girls Smoke a Cigarette in Only 30 Seconds. In recent years, they have created the dance pieces Unter der schönen Haut (2011), Tropical Bunker (2011), Everybodyskin (2012) and the video dance pieces Three monster tales (2010) and Unter der schönen Haut sobre gespa artificial (2011). They live and work in Barcelona. In 2018 Margherita Bergamo moved on to found Compagnie Voix; they both pursue individual careers and work together occasionally. MM

artists' websites: www.telmaha.com; tuixenbenet.com

Art Sucks is a re-enactment of Martha Wilson’s performance of the same
name (1972, see WIL 2), and Preparazione is a re-enactment of Leticia Parente’s performance Preparaçao I (1975, see PAR 2). Both videos are part of Projekt 13 in which the artists engage with a selection of works from the re.act.feminism #2 archive over the space of one year. Beginning in January 2013, the artist duo will re-enact one performance per month from the archive. The result will be twelve videos that will be published online. For Les filles Föllen, the project is an homage to the feminist performance art of the 1970s and its relevance for today’s society. Camera: Sandra Serna Vilchez, editing: Tuixen Benet

Courtesy Les filles Föllen

video, colour, sound, 2:30 min

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