Nieves Correa, The Shooting Star 1, 2006
Nieves Correa
The Shooting Star 1

Since the 1980s, Nieves Correa (*1960, Spain) has been carrying out intense work in the field of artistic performance as well as organizing festivals and meetings and editing publications on performance art. Her influences can be found in the conceptual art of Fluxus and in the ZAJ group, which includes such figures of Spanish avant-garde art as Esther Ferrer. Music occupies a pre-eminent place in how she structures and enacts her performances, in which the artist’s body, its forms, its dimensions and its morphology are instruments for the occupation of and intervention in public and private spaces.

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With her own body as a measure and using black adhesive tape, the artist constructs a room for target practice with six targets in an interior space. Once the scene is prepared, she covers her eyes and ‘shoots’ six plates at the six targets. Taking off her shoes, she sweeps up all the broken plates with a brush, making small heaps of the pieces. Finally, she takes off the adhesive tape from the walls, puts everything into a bag and leaves the space.

Performance: November 2006, MUSAC, Léon

Courtesy Nieves Correa

Document media
Video, colour, sound, 40:00 min

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Esther Ferrer (FER 1)
Esther Ferrer (FER 2)

aggression, destruction, fluxus, labour, measuring, vulnerability