Patrycja German, 100 vs. 100, 2006
Patrycja German
100 vs. 100

Patrycja German (*1979, Poland) uses video, installation, photography and performance to reflect on the forms of representation of the female body. Her actions question the roles of gender and typical gender behaviours. With an attitude that is free of complexes and is entertaining and provocative, the artist involves spectators and often makes them feel uncomfortable, transporting them to an ambiguous terrain somewhere between intimacy and distance. One of her basic questions is, “What happens when one continues at a point where something is normally finished, when one transgresses where one otherwise stops?" (Patrycja German)

This full–body combat shows a naked woman and a naked man, each weighing 100 kilos and dressed in the same black shorts contrasting with their pink flesh. In profile to the camera, the bodies charge at each other head on, but without violence. Instead, they are steady and respect the rules of the game. The balanced and exhausting fight demonstrates forty–five minutes of physical resistance and bodily contact.

Courtesy Patrycja German

Document media
Video, colour, sound, 45:00 min

Issue date

aggression, exhaustion, femininity, flesh, masculinity, skin, vulnerability