gabriel - sublime liebe

Else Gabriel: "Sublime Liebe" (1986). image copyright (e.)Twin Gabriel

Else Gabriel / (e.) Twin Gabriel (GDR, Germany *1962)

A cut sausage learns how to walk with the help of animation. The sausage continues to rattle off new words while it runs out of its apartment and heads for the zoo, where it is eaten by a vulture. This super-8 movie is an adaptation of the action "One Way - Schwarzschild".
Performer: Else Gabriel, Camera: Via Lewandowsky, Editing: Else Gabriel, Via Lewandowsky.

Else Gabriel studied at the Dresden Art Academy in the mid-1980s where she became a member of the group Autoperforationsartisten, which was known for its spectacular performances combining elements of disgust, self-mutilation and shocking scenes that challenged the ideology and teaching methods of the GDR. In 1988, Gabriel began working with the artist Ulf Wrede, and they have been collaborating under the name (e.) Twin Gabriel since 1991. Else Gabriel is currently a professor at the Kunsthochschule Berlin, Weissensee, and lives in Berlin.


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"Sublime Liebe", 1986, 11:00min.