keane - she

Tina Keane: "She" (1978). image copyright Tina Keane

Tina Keane (UK * 1948)

"She" was a Multimedia Performance at the Hayward Gallery, London, 1978, which uses slide projections and live video recording onto the monitors. This was one of the first performances to use video technology in this way. "In 'She' transparencies of neon signs, words of a short poem and shop windows are projected onto a wall and I use the area in front of the images to perform. At the same time a video camera records my image on to a monitor, reducing my movements and size, bringing into play the actual and the recorded, the shop dummy, and the person, the illusion and the reality." (Tina Keane)

Tina Keane was a forerunner of early multimedia art in the UK. She primarily works with film, video and digital media. Her artworks reflect a feminine aesthetics which combine femininity, gender roles, sexuality and an element of play. Tina Keane currently teaches at Central Saint Martins College of Art, London.


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"She", 1978, 6:40min.


Lux, London